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$25 Dollar StartUp

Get tax write offs on vacations, and many other expenses while you have the opportunity to earn life changing residual income in a 8 Trillion Dollar industry

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Start Up One time $50, then $25 per month

($15 ages 18-26)to build a foundation of your business and learn while you earn with free social media and personal development lessons.  Write off every dollar you spend on travel. Share in the profits from the start. Only with sponsor 70125171. The only thing you do is invite, people to a 10 minute zoom and we do the rest.  

$50 dollars today and $25 a month can potentially make residual income for life, priceless relationships and a successful business for you and your loved ones.  

Are you in a business and making no money when you have already signed up people? It's too much competition, no fun and you have so much product you have to buy and you have to sell it for a loss of money? This is different, fun and rewarding. At the end of the August we are splitting $1000 for fun on our team for all the new members . Only requirement is you bring 4 people to sign up as members, reps or both.  This is guaranteed and could lead to more because we are sharing profits. When was the last time you spent $25 and was guaranteed a return in so many ways? The time is now.      

We will give you update on zoom meetings which are normally every day at 3, 5 and  7pm pacific standard time for 10 to 15 minutes and you will qualify for $100 travel discount card give away we have every week. Seen enough. Go to Worldventures.biz and use sponsor 70125171

In  With Social Media, things have changed because you can reach people world wide to grow your network and people are making it work and we train you.

All the things you get in return!

Personal development 
Meeting like minded people from around the world 
Low start up cost
Chance to free your time, and money
Build a family business you can show teens to older adults .
Technology won't take this career 
earn residual income, instead of college then working 40 years.
Questions to think about 
Do I want to punch a clock to make someone else rich?
Do I want to change my life and my families lives?
How am i going to have time or money to enjoy life, family, kids, and vacations when I'm at work?
Is it better to work 40 hours for yourself or for 10, 100, or 1000 people to work 4 hours to accomplish common goals?
Do people really reach dreams alone?
Is my only hope to gamble or win the lottery or hope the government takes care of me if I get injured or can't work?

The Excuses 

I can't afford it! That means you need this!
My family and friends will not help! Well this shows who really loves you if they don't want to help even when you get them discounts too!
I don't have time! You really need this!
I failed before and wasted money. You didn't get proper training and value the product or service. We will help !
It's not for me. Yep. Work til your in your 60's and hopefully retire and live 10 years crippled is better?
Pyramid!  Owner/Top Share Holders to CEO to Vice President to Director to Management to Employee. Have fun with that!
I have another business! Me too but it's not discounted travel!
The Truth

Maybe you have been brought up in a world system to play it safe. In the process you sacrifice time, money and family to get the stressed out life you have now! You might watch too much tv to grow mentally and spiritually and your only hope to make it big is that you'll hit the lottery or get lucky with some other gamble.


You normally vacation where you can drive or you can only go once a year cause your work schedule. You don't work on dreams cause your life is too busy and you can't work on the big picture.  You can't really help the world because it's hard to help yourself. You want to be liked and considered normal more than you want to be successful. The challenge is too great and just getting by is easier. Maybe that's the truth for now but it's not too late to give this awesome company a try.